Pedra is a leader in setting trends in design and innovation with a wide choice of shapes available for both baths and basins.
Our bathwares are simply elegant, with endless possibilities for personalization.


We truly believe that each piece we design is a work of art,

which brings an unique sculpture to your bathroom that will transform your space into nothing less than the extraordinary.


We use premium quality materials, from fine glass powder to quality resins and raw mineral, which result in non-porous products, which are much sturdier than what can be achieved using purely natural stone.

In addition, our products also carry the benefits of excellent durability, easy to clean, low maintenance and the best of all is having high heat retention, which keeps the water hotter for longer making your bathtub much more enjoyable to use.


We are committed to provide design solutions for not just your personal needs, but also to meet the requirements of the global commercial market.

We can cater to any request of any size and design, from a new home to a commercial hotel to ensure every customer is provided with an ultimate personal bathing experience.